Here at TechStylish, we LOVE WordPress. Back when I started building websites, CMS (content management systems) are expensive but now there are many open source solutions. WordPress is one of the most popular content management system as well as blogging platform: Now 1 out of 5 websites are built in WordPress and it is our go-to platform for building websites. WordPress provides good bones for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) right out of the box, has a great ecosystem for extensibility (with themes and plugins), and is easy to support. It is a content management system as well as a blog system that allows you to manage content and update the website easily. You won’t need to know any code to update your website, so you can learn to update the website for yourself fairly easily.

There are plenty of documentation on the web available for how to use WordPress, but if you want some handholding on how to do some basic functions (create page, edit page, create post, edit post, add image, adjust settings) on a website we built for you on the WordPress platform, we would be happy to give you a lesson via an online meeting. We charge an hourly rate of $75 per hour if you have a WordPress website that we didn’t build, but if we built the website for you, then we provide the WordPress coaching at a discounted $60/hour.


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