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TechStylish is a boutique web production and consulting company specializing in making the web work for small businesses.

Much like a fashion stylist who pull together the right wardrobe for a person with consideration for their body type, profession, and occasion, TechStylish is the stylist for your business on the web. TechStylish will consider your business, goals, audience, customers, budget, and come up with a website strategy and plan for you. We work with developers, graphic designers, and photographers to pull together a website that will represent your business well and help you reach your business goals.

Our main operating principles:

  • Be honest: Set realistic expectations and be upfront about cost vs. benefit.
  • Make it useful: We help you define specifications to make the website useful for your goals and purposes.
  • Make it sustainable: We make maintenance as easy as possible so it doesn’t cost you more money and energy just to update content.

TechStylish principals:

Irene Shen
Irene Shen is an experienced web producer and certified usability analyst who is passionate about user experience and making kick ass websites. Irene has over 15 years of experience with web design, website architecture, content management, and user interface for consumer-facing websites. Irene has been living and breathing the web since 1996 and has seen the web change many businesses!

Tom Casey
Tom Casey is a web developer experienced with backend applications and databases. Tom has extensive experience with Oracle, MySQL, ColdFusion, and making backend and front end a seamless operation.

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